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PFQ-101 | 16 Channel EDAC to 1/4" Patchbay
PFQ-101 | 16 Channel EDAC to 1/4' Patchbay

PFQ-101 | 16 Channel EDAC to 1/4" Patchbay

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This is the EWI PFQ-101 16ch. TRS balanced,  multi-pin patchbay. This patchbay is equipped with one EDAC 526-56 multi-pin disconnect which is wired to be compatible with standard 16ch. ADAT cables.
This is an extremely versatile patchbay for the folks that want to plug and play rather than solder all day.  The rack ears on the patchbay are detachable and reversible which allows you to mount the patchbay in an effects rack with either the TRS panel jacks "forward" or the 516 EDAC multi-pin disconnect "forward" in the rack.  Studio folks might want the TRS panel jacks easy to access, and live audio folks would probably want the EDAC disconnect easy to access.

The 16 channel TRS balanced patchbay is wired and labeled in a manner standardized with an ADAT snake. The labeling on the patchbay is the same as the snake: 1-8 in and 1-8 out.  Patching in a rack is accomplished with jumper cables which are available additionally in the following configurations in various lengths:

1)  TRS to TRS

2)  TRS to either FXLR or MXLR

3)  TRS x dual TS breakouts for insert applications

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